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Atlantic College and Theological Seminary

I am pleased to welcome you to Atlantic College and Theological Seminary (ACTS) a learning place dedicated, above all else, to student success.

ACTS is a vital place and your best choice for creating your future potential. Opportunity is immeasurable and inspiring. For those who pass it by, there can be significant emptiness. But opportunity is also demanding and for those who grab it, the accomplishments have life-long significance.

ACTS is a place where you will enjoy character formation, professional growth, family environment, dedicated faculty, friendly student body, affordable fees and a once in a lifetime experience.

Our diverse degree offerings are designed to provide the knowledge, theory and tools needed to work effectively in today’s fast-paced and global society. You can be part of us by enrolling in the Bachelor or Associate Degree programs or Certificate or Diploma programs to help shape your thinking process for your future.

In the classroom and beyond, ACTS’s faculty and staff are devoted to students’ success through a wealth of programs and services such as academic advisement, transfer, career and personal counseling.

I wish you much success as you pursue your educational goals with us.

Trail Blazers

Students are doing more than learning. They are defining their success.

Atlantic Graduates

Be bold, be courageous, be your best.

Atlantic College

Nassau, The Bahamas


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Facilities at Atlantic College

The facilities at Atlantic College enable to create a sense of interest in students as they see and learn.

There are two hostels, with capacity for two hundred and twenty children in one hostel.
The school library provides information and ideas in today's information-based society.
Besides a modern computer lab Daanish Schools have dedicated high speed wireless internet.
The theory periods are followed by practical demonstrations performed by teacher.
In addition to grassy grounds and hundreds of trees A vast oval sports ground is available for the daily sports.
There are two hostels, with capacity for two hundred and twenty children in one hostel.